GOP Calls - Experienced Political Robo Call and Automated Calls

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for help with automated calls and robo calls of your political campaign? We have the experience and resources to help you! We have been assisting members of the GOP party for over 30 years of experience. Our experience of developing and selling automated dialing equipment and providing consistent, quality automated calling services and robo calls to GOP candidates, political consultants, state parties, and non-profit organizations. Simply put, experience is the key to reliability.

Our three decades of experience have allowed us to develop and become the leading provider of automated calling services and political robo calls. Below you will other areas that our team excels in.

Capacity is one of the weak links of most automated calling and robo call providers. GOP Calls has the capacity to make over 10 million calls a day. Although maintaining sufficient capacity is costly, it is necessary in order to provide reliable automated calling services. Many providers offer reduced pricing because they are not willing to pay the price to maintain sufficient capacity and rely on heavily outsourcing. While offering low pricing, they typically overbook their capacity and can not deliver in crunch-time. Don’t wait until you hear those words “Sorry, but due to ‘technical problems’ we do not have the capacity for you to make your calls.”
Don’t settle for old technology when selecting your automated phone broadcast provider. Our dialing platforms, including the software, was developed and is managed in house, providing the highest form of quality control in the industry. This state of the art equipment and software is the latest in telephony technology.

Our auto dialer and robo call systems can recognize an answering machine, a live person, a fax machine, busy, network busy, disconnected, and unanswered calls with the highest accuracy in the industry. When your constituent answers the phone, they will hear your message with “live” quality. If you choose to leave your message on answering machines and voicemail systems, it will sound like you made the call in person. Busy and non-answered calls can be redialed multiple times for maximum completions. Redials are spaced, to be sure you reach them when they’re at home.

Our dialing services site allows for you to set up, manage, and initiate your calling campaign from your own computer within minutes of setting up your account. Simply log in, record or upload your message and phone list, and select the time and date when you want to make your calls.
While most providers of automated voice broadcasting and robo calling platforms work for any and all candidates and causes, we are committed to Republican candidates and conservative causes. While turning away a large percentage of potential business, our pricing remains very competitive. However, if you do happen to find lower rates anywhere, just let us know.
+ Security of servers is 24/7/365.
+ Digital surveillance cameras monitor activity 24 hours a day.
+ 24/7/365 equipment monitoring by Network Operations Center (NOC)
Our systems provide redundancy in several ways. First, we have multiple locations. In case of natural disaster in one location, our backup sites provide fail-safe redundancy for your automated calls and robo calls. In addition, our site is backed up by parallel redundant UPS with battery backup, a DC power plant with uninterrupted battery backup along with a 2 Megawatt full auto-start generator that powers the entire facility in the event of a commercial power failure.