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Welcome to GOP Calls – Automated Calling Services & Political Robo Dialing

Who We Are

Political Calling Service We are the premier provider of political automated calling solutions and political robo calls. At GOP Calls we have worked hard to become the best solution for your campaign automated calling needs. We have developed a proven auto dialer service and process that is trusted by successful campaigns around the country.

Who We’ve Worked With

We have provided automated calls and political calling solutions for prominent political leaders and advocacy groups including: Romney for President, The 2000 & 2004 Bush/Cheney campaigns, the 2000 & 2004 Texas Victory campaigns, Senator Pete Domenici, Congressmen Pete Sessions, Heather Wilson, and countless others. Our track record and experience speaks for itself.
Mitt Romney - GOP Calls
Mitt Romney
George W. Bush - GOP Calls
George W. Bush
Pete Domenici - GOP Calls
Pete Domenici

VOIP calls over the Internet?

Some providers may offer low rates. Buyer BEWARE! We believe transparency is key to our services.

Don’t trust your image, your reputation, or this election to the lowest bidder!

During times of peak network usage, VOIP calls placed over the internet suffer dramatically, resulting in severe loss of voice quality, meaning that IF your message gets delivered at all, it may get delivered chopped up in little pieces. Is it any wonder that providers of automated dialing, who make VOIP calls over the internet, state in their contract that they can NOT guarantee the quality of their calls?

The following is an actual statement from the terms of service agreement from such a provider:

(The company) “makes no warranties as to the availability, up time, functionality, error free nature or reliability of the Site or the Service, the Internet, the telephone network through which the Service is utilized…”

Because of the ever increasing number of robo call and automated calling platforms utilizing VOIP over the internet, it is our opinion that the network usage on the final days of this election cycle could be so immense, that many of those calls will not be delivered, and the quality of calls that do happen to get delivered will be inferior.

If you want to get your message delivered in bits and pieces, use one of these providers… it’s cheaper.

If you want to get your message delivered right, use our dialing platform to make your calls.

Listen to an actual recording of a VOIP robo-call.

Polling & Surveys

Polling is a popular method used by today’s influential political community to measure public opinion regarding upcoming elections and various topics of interest. Several popular automated polling methods include: opinion polls, push polls and citizen surveys. Identifying where the public stands on upcoming elections plays a key role in staying ahead of your opponents.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

I believe our state party did well by utilizing GOP Calls and would recommend their use to other political organizations. The percentage of completed phone calls by the company was most impressive and our goals were clearly met. In my opinion, the benefits of automated phone dialers are huge and the costs are fairly minimal.

Diana Dagget

Pete Domenici Campaign Manager has been instrumental in our success here in Texas during two crucial election cycles. Their professionalism and knowledge of telecommunications technology has given us a competitive advantage in our efforts to get our vote and spread the Republican message.

Bill Noble

Executive Director, Texas Victory Committee