Influence Legislation - GOP Calls

Influence Legislation

GOP Calls provides a “Press 1” transfer service which allows concerned citizens to be instantly connected directly with their representative’s office. This effective tool has been instrumental in helping to defeat bad legislation and encourage good legislation in many states.

Senate Bill 1296 is a good illustration of the effectiveness of this technology. One organization made thousands of “Press 1” transfer calls in order to inform citizens about this bill and give them the opportunity to be connected directly with their representative’s office. These calls were very unique in that the client was able to set up nearly 50 different calling campaigns, one for each targeted district, allowing all citizens a chance to voice their opinion with their representative and dramatically upsetting the outcome.

Senate Bill 1643 in another state, provides another example of the usefulness “Press 1” transfer calls. Using the GOP Calls dialing platform another organization sent out thousands of calls informing citizens about the bill and again providing them the option to immediately connect with their state Senator. Not only were citizens able to be transferred by pressing 1, but they could instead press 2 in order to get the contact information for the Senator in their district.