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Automated Endorsement Calls

Increase voter trust and confidence using automated endorsement calls by having renowned and notable Republican candidates endorse you for your upcoming election. Use our automated calling and robo call services to reach voters and let them know about your endorsements. When a constituent answers the phone and hears the voice of a trusted, noteworthy representative, their likeliness to listen, respond, and take action increases significantly.

In 2004 , Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was a key endorser for a representative in the 15th Assembly District. The Campaign was able to reach thousands of California house holds with automated messages featuring Governor Schwarzenegger promoting this representative.

In the 2000 presidential election, President George W. Bush used many endorsements in his campaign against Democrat Al Gore. From his wife Laura Bush and mother Barbara Bush, to General H. Norman Schwarzkopf of the United States Army, endorsement calls were a major key to victory in 2000. The unique services offered by GOP Calls made this possible.