Political Calling Service Questions & Answers - GOP Calls

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I start making my calls?

Your voice broadcast campaign can be easily created on our secure web site and can be started within minutes, allowing you to react instantly to last minute attacks.


How long will it take to make all my robo calls?

Depending on the size of your list, your auto calls may be completed in a matter of only minutes. Very large lists may take several hours.


What is the quality of the automated calls?

The quality of the automated calls is very good. In fact many people think they are actually speaking to a live person!


Who records our message?

You may record your own message or have our voice talent record it for you.


Do I have to provide my own phone list, or can GOP Calls provide the list?

While most of our clients provide us with their own phone lists, we can obtain voter lists at a cost of 2 cents per record.


How do we get the phone list to GOP Calls and what format is required?

Once you have an account, simply upload your phone list. We can accept most data formats (.txt or .csv is preferred).


Will I receive a report after my voice broadcast calls have completed?

You will receive a login account on our web site to view your voice broadcast results in real time, while your automated calls are being made. At any time after your calls have started you may download a report.