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Event Notification

Increasing attendance and voter participation is key to victory in every campaign. From large presidential campaign rallies to small local Republican gatherings and events, hundreds of Republican candidates and Republican state parties have used our dialing platform to increase turnout to campaign events. These calls have proven extremely effective in increasing attendance and participation to various events.

“George W. Bush will be coming to your town for the Victory 2004 rally.”

In 2000 and 2004 the Bush/Cheney campaign toured the country hosting large victory rallies. To assure a big turnout, well-known personalities were used to turn out the crowds. For example, a message with Pete Domenici was used to promote an event in Las Cruses, New Mexico. This strategy was particularly beneficial in increasing awareness and attendance for the Las Cruses rally..

Using the GOP Calls dialing platform you can help your campaign make each and every event a success. We are the only provider of automated calling platforms truly dedicated to serving and promoting Republican candidates and conservative causes. Let our professional and experienced staff assist your campaign today.

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