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Advocacy Calls

Abortion, gun control, border security, and political freedom are some of the hottest topics in Washington.

For advocacy groups that support these issues, getting their message out and endorsing political candidates cost effectively is especially important. Gop Calls’ automated calling platform is the solution.

During the campaigns of 2004, the topic of abortion was particularly important. To ensure Republican victories in both the presidential race and the state elections, the National Right To Life Committee made over 2 million calls promoting pro life candidates. The effectiveness of the automated calls was a critical factor in the outcome of the elections.

As a Republican owned firm, GOP Calls is dedicated to assisting conservative advocacy groups such as national organizations like the National Right to Life Committee and many others. We are also devoted to helping smaller groups as well.

From promoting presidential candidates, to educating the country on abortion and other issues, GOP Calls provides the services necessary to have your message heard.