Direct-To-Voicemail - GOP Calls


We have an exciting new feature to announce. Customers who have tested this service are thrilled with the results…


Reach Voters’ Cell Phones
Leave your message directly on the mobile voicemail system and give the control to the consumer

  • A non-intrusive alternative to robo calls
  • Works with voicemail-to-text services

TCPA Compliant Technology

  • Direct to voicemail is NOT a phone call and is not delivered using a robo dialer


  • The subscriber is NOT charged for the voicemail
  • Your voicemail message is stored on carriers commercial server
  • Inserts a message indicator onto the subscribers cell phone
  • No voice channel is ever active
  • Because the TCPA prohibits robo calls to cell phones, this technology never makes a call over the wireless networks and the message is delivered directly to the voicemail servers without ever making a call to the subscribers cell phone